Who is Efrem Hoffman?

Meet Efrem Hoffman, he is the “master mind” behind Trading Time and Price. Efrem is able to identify key Support and Resistance Levels for all major markets for impressive results when traders combine these levels with their own trading tools. When combined with the critical times identified on the Time Maps, traders are expected to discover a unique edge they never had before in their trading experience! The Time and Price Support and Resistance intelligence offered on this site is totally different from anything you will find in the trading arena!

Hoffman and Associates is an Independent Research Firm. Efrem’s focus is on identifying Super-Anomalies and Monetizing hidden Value (in Real -Time from large scale data-sets. He utilizes: Advanced Visualization Technologies and Smart-Data Tools he developed out of his Undergraduate Engineering Thesis at the University of Manitoba. From this work he was granted multiple U.S. Patents with Big Data Analytic Solutions that quantify extreme uncertainty in financial and social system data sets.

His work has been cited on over 50 occasions on the Patent Documents of Fortune 500 Companies and preeminent scientific think tanks. His technology has been cited as a unique tool for converting market uncertainty into actionable intelligence by a prominent pioneer of behavioral finance at a Berlin Conference.

His market calls were used to help financial traders successfully prepare for the 2007-09 market crises with uncanny accuracy and specificity. And his contributions to the quantitative financial field are based on his 16 years of enterprising knowledge in the domain of Mathematical Physics, behavioral finance, and quantum decision-making.

The Bottom Line to Efrem’s On Going Research is:

  • The events we perceive as ordinary every-day occurrences are actually born out of the background noise of prior crisis and unusual market aberrations.
  • Thus by focusing on the rare 1% Outliers rather than eliminating them, the agenda is to gain clarity on the 99% of market pressures that influence decisions each trading day!
  • New Perceived Risk & Capital Asset Valuation Framework, founded on: Long and & Short Leadership Rotation of Asset Class Rankings delivers:
  • Portable, Low-Cost Tail-Risk Solutions for Professional Managers looking to
  • Hedge-For-A-Profit in All-Volatility Environments with Absolute Alpha.