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Do you know the Active MindShare Quotient for the Universe of Securities You Trade?

Listen Up Fund Managers and Professional Traders! 

Building on over 17 years of quantitative research, inspired from the Physics of Hunting-Down Tornadoes from Doppler Radars Signals, Naked Swan Trading Inc.’s proprietary MindShare Matrix applies Quantum Computing Applications to Exploit People’s Inability to Make Informed Decisions in Real-Time.

Not only does Active MindShare Reveal the Specific Groups of Decision-Makers that are going to Influence Market Action and Pay Special Attention to the Securities You Follow, but its Patented Predictive Analytics Engine tells our Analysts when future News-Flow — both scheduled announcements and unexpected events — are most likely to be amplified or attenuated through social feedback sources in the future.

That means helping you sleep better at night with lower volatility portfolios.

Whether you are interested in:

  1. narrowing your investment universe;
  2. avoiding bad stocks and industry groups or picking the best value plays before the street;
  3. trading around core positions;
  4. lowering transaction costs and market noise by broadening the scope of good information well beyond the time-horizon of traditional analytics, or simply
  5. integrating a new source of Sustainable Insight into your Decision-Making Process

Active MindShare can be put to work for you — helping your organization benefit from Arbitrage Opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

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