Take Advantage of Our Research

Take advantage of over 16 years of full time research and development on the trading markets. This research has explored decades of trading market data by searching for key relationships that pinpoint market moves.

The master mind behind this project, Efrem Hoffman, has discovered tools that can precast future price action! When we discuss TIME we will be making precasts into the future for key convergences of both TIME and PRICE events to set up. These convergence events define the pressure points or “sweet spots” for volatility to impact the market. This opens the door for the range expansion to kick in with the power of momentum behind the move. You should quickly see how the interplay between these TIME and PRICE convergences can give you a significant edge in your trading strategies!

Our current focus is on High Conviction Long and Short Idea Generation for: U.S. Financial Markets, Commodities, and World Currency and Interest Rate Markets – Addressing Opportunities for Global Growth

What is the Time Map?

The Time Map is a new, powerful tool for timing critical market events – in price, volatility and specific time lines and frames. These Time Maps power the MindShare Decision Matrix, which is reviewed daily by Efrem Hoffman, to add context to his analysis regarding influential decision-makers and trading time frames that are likely to bias price and momentum changes; thereby giving early signs of both positive and negative volatility events.

Video Introduction:

The Trading Time and Price “Time Map”

The content of market data intelligence offering is available on a custom, made-to-order, basis.

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