Take Advantage of Our Research

Take advantage of over 16 years of full time research and development on the trading markets. This research has explored decades of trading market data by searching for key relationships that pinpoint market moves.

The master mind behind this project, Efrem Hoffman, has discovered tools that can project future price action! When we discuss TIME we will be making projections into the future for key convergences of both TIME and PRICE events to set up. These convergence events define the pressure points or “sweet spots” for volatility to impact the market. This opens the door for the range expansion to kick in with the power of momentum behind the move. You should quickly see how the interplay between these TIME and PRICE convergences can give you a significant edge in your trading strategies!

Our current focus is on the S&P 500 eMini

What is the Time Map?

The Time Map is a new, powerful tool for timing critical market events – in price, volatility and specific time lines and frames. It is designed to precisely give you a daily heads up of the influential decisions makers and demographic trader time frames that will impact and bias price changes and volatility events for the S&P 500 futures market each trading day.

What are the Key Price Support and Resistance Levels Presented Daily in the Blog?

The Key Levels blog provides Trading Market Analysis and Intelligence for the S&P 500 eMini Market on a daily basis. This analysis will be posted in the Subscriber Area daily. What you will see are specific price levels from which potential reversals could take place. You will also see critical times when volatility has the potential to be higher than average. This means the agenda is to pinpoint as accurately as possible the TIMES for higher than average PRICE range expansion. The goal is to discover those times when your trade set ups have the highest potential to make the most amount of money per trade.

Below is a Sample Screen Shot of the Price Support and Resistance Levels:

This is example was plotted on a 70 minute chart on Wednesday, 

September 5th 2012 on the S&P 500 eMini Market.

price-support-and-resistance-levels (Click to Enlarge)

Video Introduction:

The Trading Time and Price “Time Map”

Here is Your Edge

What you will discover when subscribing are market reversals at key TIMES and PRICES which will be identified and clearly presented in the Daily Blog by Efrem Hoffman. The market of choice on which he will be mapping is the S&P 500 eMini market. Efrem’s analysis will be posted daily in his subscriber based blog, which will identify the key Support and Resistance Levels for the day. Efrem will also provide TIMES where the market will be the most vulnerable for reversals (up or down) at these Key levels. These are NOT generated from any kind of pivot points you have commonly seen promoted on the trading sites! These levels are the result of multiple time frames at play simultaneously on the S&P 500 eMini Market. The S&P is the primary market; but you will see other markets discussed as Efrem sees areas of interest for discussion.

Through the use of this web site, you may see your style of trading changing. For example, if you can more accurately pinpoint the TIMES when the market will be quiet you may actually be making fewer trades. Here is why: you should be able to understand and connect the times of volatility that provide the best opportunities for range expansion in the quickest period of time. It is these time zones that will offer the greater dollar potential per trade! Watch for this as you track these time lines.

You will also be given specific timeframes within which to watch the S&P 500 market for the day. These will be the times on which to set up your trading charts. You should discover that when your charts are plotted on these TIMES that whatever indicators you are using should work better in these identified times for that day! This is another EDGE you will have in this daily intelligence. You will see both longer times for the trading day as well as shorter times to set up the trades off these critical levels. We are not selling the tools or the method. We are providing daily intelligence with just the “bottom line” you can use to create or fine tune your trading plan. This intelligence is both for day traders and swing traders as well as investors. You will quickly discover this analysis is such that all kinds of strategies can be developed by you to fit your trading style and risk tolerance as a trader.